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The answer to the question “How to buy a wife?” is pretty short. You cannot. Nevertheless, there is such term as the cost of mail order bride, and you can find lots of reviews and articles whose authors claim that you can still buy a bride, of course, if you have enough money and live in one of the developed countries. Moreover, you can find the catalogs with hundreds of beautiful women for marriage. So what is really going on? Can you just pick a girl and marry her without courting, dating, and other stuff like that? Well, let us find out.


Why do women choose this path?

This is a complex question just because every one of these ladies has her own motivation. Nevertheless, there are some common reasons why girls choose this path.

Most of these girls survived breakups or divorces and disappointed in guys in their countries. So, they just care about themselves, not about your money. Some of them are 30-year-old hotties who are already considered spinsters (there are a lot of places in the world where being single in your 30s is a big problem.) There are also ladies who want a better life for their kinds in a better country. No, you cannot order a girl who wants this, but you can show her that you will be a loving husband.

Generally speaking, they are just regular women seeking love. Rich men cannot buy brides online anymore – nowadays, this is about family and the desire to build a family, not about money.

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Weird wedding traditions of the world

Guys who want to order a bride online may seem weird to some people, but there are lots of more weird things in the world. Wedding traditions in some countries are really cute, and in some countries, people do really crazy things. Let us see what different nations do to celebrate such events!

  • Nepal is the country of arranged marriages. Well, and what is weird? This is an old tradition, and even though it is not as strong as before, this can hardly surprise anyone. Yes, it is true. But there is one small thing to consider – parents arrange marriages of their unborn babies. In other words, when a child is born, he or she is already engaged. What if a girl is born instead of a boy or vice versa? The engagement is broken off, that is all.
  • In Japan, newlyweds do not write wedding vows before the event because they drink sake instead of giving their speeches. They drink three times to the new union between two families, love, and a life free of hate and ignorance.
  • Guess what Chinese girls are doing before the wedding? No, they are not buying a new dress, shoes, or celebrating with their friends. They are crying. A lot. They are crying with family and friends, and they are crying along for 4 long weeks. Why? The more a girl cries, the happier her marriage will be.
  • Why not marry a tree? Men in Indian know that there is nothing strange about such a wedding. An older son has to marry a tree if he is still single, and his brother is going to get married. The thing is the younger son cannot marry a girl if his older brother does not have a wife. What if a guy married to a tree finally meets a girl? The tree is cut down (yes, it is pretty cruel) and a guy becomes a widower.
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How many children do women of various ethnicities want to have?

This is another crucial question that interests most guys who have ever Google something like “how to order bride online.” Let us take a look at the statistics.

  • Post-Soviet countries. The situation in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries is different, must most families have 1-2 children.
  • Countries of Latin America. Well, if you want to have many children, this may be the best place in the world for you. Though nowadays some girls prefer to build careers, the majority of women still want to have children, we mean at least 2-3 kids. Currently, in Brazil, lots of families have 5-8 children.
  • Asia. Well, this depends on what country we are talking about. If you would like to marry a lady from India, she will probably want to have many children, for example, 3 or 4 (of course, if you marry a more conservative lady living in the rural area, urbanized girls usually tend to have fewer kids.) The same is true for other, not so developed countries of Asia. In countries like Japan, South Korea, and China, couples usually have one or two kids.
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Ethical aspects of dating foreign brides

Some people may say that it is unethical to order a woman and then marry her. Well, it is, but there is a small thing to remember – you cannot order a wife online, you can only use the dating services and then marry a woman you like, a woman who likes you as well. So, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The most important thing every guy needs to remember that everything depends on him. Success depends on the decisions you make, a site you pick, a girl you choose, and a dating strategy you use. If you are looking for a woman who will change your life, a companion who will be with you for the rest of your life, you are likely to succeed and live a happy life with your bride. However, if you think that money is the answer to everything and that you can order a wife, you will be disappointed. Maybe, you will even find a woman who will marry you because of money, but your marriage will not be a happy one.

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Legal requirements for marrying a foreign girl

The first thing you need to know that you will not have any problems with marrying one of the foreign brides, of course, if you want to marry a girl, not just to buy a girl online. In fact, you can marry anyone you want, if it does not violate any of the existing laws, including the state laws. Unfortunately, your wife cannot get a Green card right after you confirm that you are getting married. The only option is to get a Visa to enter the country and get married. To do this, you need to file a petition.

Another thing you need to bear in mind is that you need to have the means to provide for a non-US citizen who will later apply for a green card, i.e., you need to be able to support your wife at a level above the U.S. Poverty Guidelines. If you do not have enough money on your bank account, you can ask another citizen of the US to promise that he or she will provide the financial help.

As for the green card itself, the procedure is really complex, and that is why most international couples consult a lawyer. Still, a person who is already married to a citizen of the US is likely to proceed, of course, if your marriage is a real one.

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Tips on finding the best online dating service

We finally reached the fundamental question, which is “How to find bride for marriage?” The answer is short and simple: you can meet the right person on one of the best sites for foreign brides. How to distinguish them from scam? Here are some useful tips:

  • Decide if you want to marry Slavic, Latin or Asian foreign brides
  • Find as many websites with these girls as possible
  • Browse each of them, evaluate the design and interface
  • Search for the reviews on the web and read them carefully
  • Consider the information you got and try to identify the main strength and weaknesses of each website
  • Learn everything about their billing policies, terms of use, privacy policy
  • Sign up and test the site
  • Decide which of the options you like more

Of course, it will take time, but the results are worth it. If you want to find a simpler way, just check out our articles – our dating experts have already reviewed top niche sites and picked the best one. And as for the brides themselves, just remember that you never get what you want if you do not try.

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